Pollutants in New York City apartments?
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How should people who live in New York City apartments effectively clean their apartments to avoid pollution, dirt, mode, and other air toxins?

Green Cleaning Needs of New York

New York City apartments have special “green cleaning” needs because our city is exposed to specific and unique pollution, air quality and soot. Soot is what comes in from pollutants that are airborne from traffic, bird droppings, trash, dirt, and debris.

Dirt, dust, dander and debris that comes in off the street, can get easily blown into apartments as they are kicked up by commotion, buses and large trucks.

Test for pollution and city soot

If you’re not sure if your New York City Apartment, just go over to your window ledge and run a wet paper towel across the ledge. If you see some dirt, or black / grey dirt – that is soot. What’s included in New York City soot is:

  • Dust
  • Mites
  • Mold
  • Pollen
  • Bird droppings
  • Roach residue

Routine cleaning of windows, ledges, and baseboards will help reduce the allergen risk. Also, while you may not have mice per se, you could have roach droppings as roaches come in and leave little tiny black dots behind them. These can be commonly found in cabinets, under counters, on counters, and along floorboards. Mouse droppings may occur even if you are very clean and you have a very clean apartment – your neighbors may not be as clean. An area with a lot of restaurants will have a harder time contenting with rodent problems.