New York Office Cleaning Service
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Contact us using the information above to use our green cleaning services for your office in New York. We can do last minute cleanings, daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly office cleanings. Green cleaning offices in Manhattan is our specialty.

New York City Office Mold & Ventilation

Toxic mold and dirty office spaces can lead to different forms of allergies, and this is especially true in New York City office buildings. It is important to clean your office ventilation systems. Typically found in New York office venting systems is mold, dust, and debris build up, and as you first start to ingest this material, it can affect staff in different ways.

Typical Chemicals found in New York City Offices

New York offices take note – “green cleaning” is a must. We have expertise in the wide range of harmful chemicals and hazards that are found commonly in New York office buildings. Office cleaners generally use industrial solvents, and there are a lot of different chemicals that people don’t realize they are exposed to on a daily basis.

NYC Green Office Cleaning

Gotham Green Cleaning’s products are safe and non-toxic, and we do not leave toxic toxic fumes behind. We have done research on different types of cleaning products, and we understand that whether it’s something simple like a one time job, or where we’re cleaning every night, it’s important to use the best sanitary conditions, as well as protecting your office environment and ultimately, our global environment.

When we talk about the New York City we talk about the place that amazes with its progress and development; it also affects with the quality of the service sector, where the cleaning sphere is no exception. There are a variety of services are offered by Gotham Green Cleaning for New York City office spaces. The existing service covers a huge number of housekeeping duties that were developed in order to make your life easier and free from dirt. The unique service can provide you with a variety of cleaning services, for example:


Building cleaning is not just a basic need of nowadays busy life, but almost a trend among the most successful companies;


Office cleaning became more complex and for now it usually includes a standard options of dust and garbage removal, surface polishing, bathroom sanitizing, spill cleanup and vacuuming;


Window cleaning, which amazes with a new technology of cleaning that provides you with a long-lasting affect, due to the special methods that are known only by the professionals of this sphere.


Also, it’s important that there is no more need to risk your life or deal with the danger that your employee can get in trouble, when there is a great option to use the help of real professionals;

We can provide your NYC office with excellent quality service that has a lot of feedback from its customers. We are concerned about your health and well-being and provide a highly-effective Green Cleaning service.  Using the services by the eco-friendly companies, you automatically save the pure beauty of our environment. It’s just a double care that gives a positive result for your health, the prosperity of our ecosystem and, of course, provides you with a clean and tidy atmosphere to work and live in.


In order to get all the above mentioned benefits, you have to choose our Green Cleaning program that includes the following:


  1. Green Cleaning products and supplies;

  2. Constant upgrades for sustainable, healthier & greener cleaning service;

  3. Natural processing of waste;

  4. Participation in recycling programs;

  5. Strives for the promotion of energy and water conservation, with the aim to choice the best cleaning systems and equipment on a daily basis;

  6. Chooses to utilize exceptionally eco-friendly maintenance and cleaning programs; 7. Uses only organic cleansers, agents, deodorants as well as  environmentally friendly disinfectants.


In nowadays life a range of updates touched the cleaning sphere, which means that more and more modified as well as advanced technologies are introduced into the specific sphere of professional cleaning. The number of New York City Office Cleaning Services tries to follow new trends in order to provide their customers with the best service and what is the most important, they struggle to meet the needs of the citizens of the New York City. As any other successful company that strives to be on the top, the interests of customers are always in priority of all tasks that each company sets by itself. Logically, every client can be sure that his problem will be solved and the compromise will be found. However, a good tip to remember is to use only the services provided by an experienced and highly-rated New York City Office Cleaning Services, merely due to the fact that in this case you can save your time, health, money and, at the end, will definitely get the result that you expected. The final choice is always yours.


The quality of the New York City Office Cleaning Services are determined by their narrow focus, which means that there is a range of options you may choose from, depending on the materials that were used to make a special design of your home, office etc. Therefore, the floor cleaning service naturally includes – green carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, floor waxing, hardwood floors cleaning, carpet cleaning, laminate floors cleaning and grout cleaning; In case you’re the owner of a huge office and you value your time and money, you may like an option of Commercial Cleaning in NY, as it includes almost all the above mentioned cleaning services, and provides with the help of the real professionals, who were trained and have a required knowledge to fulfill your order in the best way ever. When you choose this option, you can be sure that the company will use the best equipment and tools in order to make your building as clean and free from dirt as it only possible. Also, you may be sure that with a cleanliness of your office, store etc., you naturally minimize the risk of getting negative impression on your visitors and clients. Anyway, a clean building is just like clean clothes – it tells a lot about its owner.


Beauty, design and cleanliness in all the rooms of New York City Office Buildings are considered to be the best hallmark of any solid company. Therefore it is always essential to solve the problem of the essential daily cleaning of each room in the office building with a high attention. In general, damp cleaning should be performed at least once per shift. But, considering all the rules, it’s mandatory to maintain a full cleaning set of all premises from dust and dirt during the working day. The whole cleaning routine must be immediately conducted before the beginning of the working day or at the end of it.  A partial cleaning work of the office room should include removing dust from furniture, emptying wastebaskets and watering flowers. The staff of the cleaning department must carry out such activities during the time when workers are free from their duties, for example when they are out for lunch. But the full cleaning prophylaxis of the office space should be carried out systematically, efficiently and this kind of service must affect the territory of the whole office.  It’s important to mention that this type of cleaning work requires the involvement of more than just one person; you have to hire a whole team of workers. It’s obvious that the more space is occupied by the company’s office, the greater is the amount of work to do on a daily basis. However, in case your working space is small, you can hire one trustworthy employee from a reliable New York City Cleaning Service Company. The variety of such companies in the New York City is huge, so there is a big number of organizations to choose from. Hiring an incompetent employee “from the street” is not always advisable. Of course, on the one hand these employees ask for a small payment, but on the other hand, there is no guarantee that you’ll get an exclusive cleaning.


There are some general rules that will help you to maintain or to control the cleaning process in your office building. First of all, a full cleaning must be carried out from the main room of the building, which is “the face” of the company. This room is considered to be a hall and it begins immediately after the front door. Usually this room includes the desk registrar, various stands with the necessary information, sofas and small tables for visitors. All of these sites require constant daily cleaning. Therefore it is necessary to consider the order of cleaning works: 1. wash the front doors carefully with detergent, paying attention to glass surfaces; 2. wipe off dust layers from all surfaces with a damp cloth; 3. remove debris from the front desk, wiping fingerprints and other stains; 4. clean monitors from the accumulated rubbish and stains; 5. remove dust from all decorations; 6. clean armchairs, sofas and curtains with a brush or vacuum cleaner; 7. add up printed information in designated areas; 8. wipe off all the glass surface area of stands; 9. free baskets from garbage.  When all these stages completed, there is a need to wash the floor and bring in clean carpets/walkways. Afterwards, there is a need to proceed with the cleaning of the offices. Just like in the first example, here is also a need to do some preliminary cleaning works before washing floors: 1. wipe off dust from cluttered windowsills and tables; 2. remove debris from the cabinet’s surface; 3. water flowers, simultaneously wiping the leaves with a dry cloth; 4. remove stains from tabletops and monitors; 5. wipe dust from all handles of furniture; 6. clean baskets from trash. 7. clean the office door. Finally, it’s reasonable to make a vacuum cleaning of the room or to wash the floor – your office is clean. One of the most important rooms in any office is the kitchen room. It’s the place where your workers rest and have meals. That’s why it’s mandatory to keep it in a perfect condition. The regular cleaning should be done not only because of sanitation, but also with the aim to preserve a good mood of each worker. Since almost all employees use this room, the cleaning of it should be carried out carefully and constantly. Initially, there is a need to remove all the dust from each surface and cabinet. After that, the cleanliness of all equipment in the room should be checked. The microwave oven should be washed, especially in case there are any traces of dirt or grease. Stoves and refrigerators should be wiped off from the inside, in order to remove rubbish and stains. Tabletops and chairs can be cleaned with a disinfectant solution, to prevent the spread of any infection. The carpets should be cleaned as soon as all the preliminary work is done.  Afterwards, it’s necessary to clean the floor in order to finalize the cleaning.


The first thing that should be done before the cleaning of a toilet rooms is airing. There is a need to open a window or turn on the ventilation.  In a few minutes the window can be closed, and the cleaning begins: 1. wash all the spaces with water using disinfectants; 2. wipe off mirrors and other surfaces of this type with the use of special tools; 3. clean dispensers from stains and fingerprints; 4. add soap and towels in the special places; 5. remove dirt from tiled walls; 6. wash the door with a disinfectant solution; 6. spray a certain amount of a freshener in the toilet room.  There is a need to clean the floor after the performed operations. When we talk about sanitation of the toilet rooms, it’s highly required to wash the floor a couple of times with the change of water.


There is no doubt that the office cleaning process is hard and time consuming, but, at the same time, it’s very important. Therefore, it’s always wise to hire a team of professional for this type of work. And remember that the spotless surface of mirrors, desks and cabinets can guarantee the health of your customers and employees, and as the result, the respectful attitude to your company and brand.