Cleaning products – Use with caution
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There are a few cleaning products that should be used with caution around your home. And some of these same products are the ones your parents have used for years:

  1. Easy Off oven cleaner – toxic fumes that can affect breathing
  2. Mop and Glo for your floors – toxic to skin and harmful
  3. Endust – can be harmful and is not good to inhale

Cause for concern using home cleaning products

Irritants affect your nose, skin, eyes, throat, mouth and lungs. Chemicals and hazardous substances can cause skiness – please look out for these ingredients in your cleaning products: Hydrocarbons, Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Hexanes, Trichloromethane,  Tetrachloromethane, Formaldehyde, Alpha-Pinene, and Butyl Acetate.

Common Cleaning Products

Certain types of household cleansers such as Ajax, Drano, and even some laundry detergents, can have certain carcinogens in them that are harmful if ingested. They may do a good job at their purposes, but you want to use them sparingly, as too much use of these products can include trace amounts of Formaldehyde. This ingredient causes problems with lungs – such as asthma, breathing, and respiratory system.

Misleading Advertising

Commercials with cartoon characters, as Scrubbing Bubbles uses, unfortunately don’t tell the whole story about the safety of their products. When mixed with bleach, Scrubbing Bubbles becomes incredibly toxic, and can cause severe burning in your mucus membranes. Bleach alone can be harmful if breathed in. Utilize a natural cleaning product like vinegar instead.